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2024 Higher Education State of Cloud Survey

The data on this site is compiled from 59 survey responses representing 55 institutions in preparation for the Higher Education Cloud Forum and also presented to the EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Community Group.

Users were asked to respond for their user of Infrastructure and platform as a service purchases only.

Data isn't de-duplicated when there are multiple responses from a single institution because each response is from the perspective of the area (e.g. central IT, department).

Makeup of Responses

Carnegie Classifications

Organization Location

Cloud Providers Used

Average Cloud Spend by Response

Cloud Service Provider Any Presence Maximum
AWS 56 (95%) 100%
Azure 52 (88%) 99%
Google 39 (65%) 100%
Oracle 9 (15%) 20%
IBM 1 (2%) 1%
  • 34 respondents (57%) have a single primary cloud provider (≥ 70% of their spend is with a single provider):

23 respondents are primarily in AWS, 7 in Azure, 3 in Google

  • 17 respondents (29%) are multi-cloud and have no single primary provider (no more than 60% with any one provider)
  • 12 respondents (20%) are multi-cloud and spend 10% or more in each of the 3 major cloud providers
  • 53 respondents (90%) have some presence in multiple clouds

We asked respondents to tell us if they're using an ITAR compliant cloud (e.g. Amazon's GovCloud) for any restricted data

ITAR Compliant Cloud

Cloud Strategies

We asked respondents for general summaries of their cloud strategy and how well defined it is.

Cloud Strategy

How Well Cloud Definition is Defined

Why move to the cloud?

What prevents cloud adoption?